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A Sunday full of family and food

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Hi, We are told that Sunday is a day of rest, and for that to happen I head for the kitchen. Today needed to be restful as I had been awake for hours during the night due to the alarm company feeling the need to ring us at 3.00 in case we wanted to know […]

Surfing the Vegan Blogosphere

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Hi, In changing the world the internet has brought us many things, some good and some not so. In my opinion (and after all that’s what this blog is all about) one of most brilliant things we gained was “blogging”. Giving the world a voice and access to information is liberating for everyone. Today if […]

Two birds, one lady …


Hi, I am referring to Robin Swallow, Chef and (with her husband, Roger) part owner of Manna restaurant in Primrose Hill, London. Robin is a New Yorker by birth and a long time resident of Los Angeles before the move to London to run Manna with Roger. Of all the restaurants I go to Manna […]